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Most people want to ensure that their homes and businesses are properly secured, but they don't look at the most obvious security issue when it comes to said locations: are the locks on the home or business out of date? Are they old, or broken? Most importantly, who has the keys? Many older locks have keys that have been copied dozens of times, thus creating a security risk.


You want the best locks and you want them because you want to protect what's yours. That's why you want to call us. Our certified mobile locksmiths are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make sure that your home or business is safe and secure.


With a new and professionally installed security system, you can feel safe in your home as well as confident that your business interests are secure.


And that means security risks that you don't need.

Security is often one of the most overlooked aspects of daily life, so is that really the smartest way to protect your home or business? Instead, take a moment to consider a few things.

The best time to change the locks is always earlier than we expect.

Changing the locks after the first break-in' is a guaranteed way to make it happen.

When it's time to upgrade your residential or business security, call us-- we've got you covered when it comes to unlock service and upgrade services.

We will always start every security installation with an inspection and assessment to make sure that all aspects of your security are covered by the work we do.

In fact there are a number of potential problem spots:

When you have a glaring hole in your security, we will be the first to both inform you and offer potential solutions, so you aren't just left wondering what to do.

The reason for this is because we believe quality home security is everyone's right. Not everyone needs a fingerprint scanner; for the average household a decent security system and deadbolts will fill all their security needs.


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What this doesn't mean is to run off to the local hardware store and just buy the cheapest deadbolt.


Masters of Both Business and Residential Security


The reality is that most people aren't fully prepared to deal with the implications of their security.

Car Lock Replacement Servicess: Don't Forget Your Vehicles

It's a nice idea, but most folks have locks that haven't been replaced since they moved in, with hundreds of copies of their keys out in the wild.


Is this the kind of security you want? More importantly, is this the kind of security your loved ones deserve? If you agree the answer is no, it's time to call the professionals.

Industry Standard: The Deadbolt

As a total security company, we specialize in both individual and fleet security upgrades for your vehicles.

Everyone knows the good old fashioned deadbolt.

You don't call your locksmith to fix your car-- why would you call your mechanic when you need to upgrade your vehicle security? Locks and security are our business and they are what we do. Don't go for substandard locks.

Security is what we do; why not upgrade your mobile security as well?

Mortise Deadlock: One Lock, Two Keys For Added Security

A lock that bolts into the door with the turn of a knob and opens with a key, most people assume a deadbolt is the only door lock out there (it isn't) but it is popular because it works so well.


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